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MGM is excited to have teamed up with Honora Productions in producing a new television series called BACK ON TRACK. The pilot episode will be available via BitTorrent Now on Apple TV this summer.

June 23, 2016
In the 1980’s Randy Lanier hadn’t just achieved the American Dream, he was the American Dream. He had built his own import business from nothing, and used the profits to fund his true passion, IndyCar racing. There was only one catch: his business was smuggling over 300 tons of Colombian marijuana into Florida by speedboat. In 1986, Randy was named Rookie of the Year at the Indy 500. That same year he was apprehended and sentenced to life in prison without parole. In October 2014, after 27 years behind bars, he was released. Now he faces his greatest challenge yet: getting BACK ON TRACK.
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Testing at Homestead Motor Speedway
FARA-Sunset 500 Enduro and Sunday Sprints

May 6th and 7th, 2016 – HMS

Randy Lanier arrives at HMS for some much anticipated seat time.


Randy and Shane Lewis are all smiles after some hot laps in the cup car.


MGM task-force! Guillermo and Frank comparing notes before starting in the Enduro race, Shane Lewis and Guillermo Fernandez go on to place 3rd over all in the Sunset 500. Frank Silah and Warren Cooper placed 5th overall! Great job goes out to the whole MGM team. Congratulation to the participants.


Randy Lanier is in the house!

05-05-2016 – MGM Shop

Randy Lanier stopped by MGM to see his newly prepared cup car with camera crew in tow. Marty and Randy discussed the nuances of this modern day Porsche Cup Car compared with technology of the cars Randy drove back in the day. Randy will be joining MGM this weekend at Homestead Motor Speedway for some test and tuning.