Rounds 5 and 6 of the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge
MGM was very excited to be heading out to Laguna Seca.  It is one of the Icons of US racing.   Franck Silah was very competitive from the beginning.   Had made some good progress during race one but had some contact towards the end of the race that left him down in the pack.   The second race was another story.  Franck was fast from the start.  By the middle of the race he had picked up several positions.  Shortly after however, while racing for position, he had a small of course excursion that left him a few seconds down.   He persevered while putting  down consistent lap times to where he was soon  back in the pack.   By the end of the race, he was fighting for a podium finish.   It all came to a climax on the last corner of the last lap where there was contact with several cars fighting to get to the finish line.   In the end Franck was able to limp his car across the finish line landing him on the podium in third position.  A great job for his second IMSA event in a car that is new to him!